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Service industry businesses face insurmountable challenges that come with owning and operating a food-centric business that is consistently changing and evolving. From navigating the all-consuming changes to state and local sales and food tax to ensuring that you’re reporting tips accurately to avoid an audit, there are so many things that go into the financial success of a restaurant.

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Our Restaurant Industry Services

A few tax and accounting services we offer for restaurant industry accounting clients are:

  • Accurate financial reporting on a weekly basis

  • Cost segregation studies to decrease tax burdens

  • General tax consulting and compliance

  • End-to-End Payroll Management Services

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Client Success Story:

Our client was pulled for audit for suspicion of reporting illegal deductions on Sales Tax Returns over a period of three years. We assisted our client by collecting detailed information about the legality of these deductions and submitting that information to the auditor. Our firm was able to confirm all deductions with the Department of Revenue and eliminate an erroneous charge of $32,500.00 in back taxes, penalties, and interest.

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