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Alphameric Accounting is a family-owned and operated accounting firm founded in 1977 by the late Basil J. Kardaras. In 2010, the firm was inherited by his son, Damien C. Kardaras who has continued his fathers’ passion for accounting and taxation.

Oftentimes, the transition from generation to generation results in clients leaving because they doubt the next generation’s ability to provide the same level of expertise or service. We take pride in the fact that not one of our clients has left the firm.

We believe this is due to our family-centric approach to business and the personal connections Basil built through years of hard work, which Damien and his team aim to grow today.

Give us the opportunity to showcase our passion and commitment, and we promise that through financial success you’ll realize just how much we care about you and your business.

Our Core Values

As a family-owned and operated business, our integrity and values are what set us apart from other accounting firms in the Lincolnwood, IL area. We treat you, our valued clients, as an extension of our family.

When you work with us you can expect:

  • Transparency
  • Relationship-Based Service
  • Continued Education
  • Trust
  • Simplicity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
Damien Kardaras

A Note from Damien:

Commitment to the Lincolnwood Community

Lincolnwood is my family’s home and has been for as long as memory serves. As a longstanding member of the community, I am dedicated to investing in the betterment of our residents and local businesses in the village of Lincolnwood.

Through years of service on the Lincolnwood Chamber of Commerce and as Friends of Lincolnwood’s Chairman, I will always do what I can to give back locally.

This includes providing expert accounting services to area families and businesses.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand complex business operations and processes, as well as what it takes to run prosperous operations both on the front end and back. My expertise is in the restaurant, grocery, and real estate industries, among other businesses such as manufacturing, childcare, construction, dental, service-based, consultants, professional services, and more.

I will always care about your business and family as if they were my own. I am fully dedicated to your success and will work diligently to ensure you achieve your financial goals, with our team’s support. Here’s to building a stronger community, together.

Yours in Fellowship,
Damien Kardaras

Damien Kardaras, President – Alphameric Accounting

Trusted by successful local businesses

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