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They say that the only two things in life that are certain are death and taxes. You’ve heard that one before, right? Make sure your taxes don’t bore you to death—we can take it over for you. The complex taxation system in the U.S. makes it difficult for individuals to do their own taxes these days. There are so many ways to potentially reclaim your hard-earned money that most people have no clue exist.

We sit with each individual client throughout the year to discuss their tax goals, finances, and where they’d like to be at tax time. From there, our experienced tax professionals help you prepare for tax season as well as prepare your return with those goals in mind, while also ensuring accuracy and compliance to avoid personal IRS audits or challenges.

As life goes on, your tax situation changes. Proactive tax planning and strategy can ensure that you’re financially secure for the future and your family! We will help you get there.

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Our Services For Individuals

A few tax and accounting services we offer for individuals are:

  • Individual Tax Returns

  • Year-Round Family Tax Planning

  • Penalty & Interest Reduction or Elimination

  • Collections & Levy Issues

  • Individual Rental Real Estate Services

  • Business Taxes for Sole Proprietors, Single Member, Partnership, and Corp LLC Filers

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Client Success Story:

A personal tax return was prepared by a different accounting firm and included numerous illegal dependents and deductions. When this return was pulled for audit, this individual sought the help of our firm. We represented the individual before the Internal Revenue Service, and we were able to negotiate an offer in compromise which reduced his liability from $8,790.00 to $925.00. Please be aware that each case is different, and these results are specific for this case. What we will promise is that we will work with the taxing authorities to provide you with the best possible outcome, no matter what the circumstances are.

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