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We understand the many challenges surrounding safety, supply chain, competition, legislation, sustainability, and more that are common issues facing the grocery industry.

Every piece of that puzzle affects what you pay in taxes and how you streamline your accounting management throughout the year. Our expert tax professionals will help you grow your market share, make day-to-day operations a little simpler, and handle the financials so you can handle your team and become the go-to for our community’s nourishment.

Alphameric Accounting - Grocery

Our Grocery Industry Services

A few tax and accounting services we offer for grocery industry accounting clients are:

  • Year-Round Tax Planning to minimize taxes and increase cash flow
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Management

  • Business Tax Services

  • Audit & Assurance Services

  • Merger & Acquisition Tax Advice

  • & More!
Alphameric Accounting - Case Study - Grocery

Client Success Story:

After a successful audit from the Illinois Department of Labor, our client came under fire from the Federal Department of Labor. Employees of our client had complained that they were not being paid properly for the hours worked. Our firm conducted an extensive evaluation of all aspects of our client’s payroll routines, including an analysis of employee timecards, payroll checks, and payment records. Once our audit was completed, our client was found compliant with all Labor Laws and was able to avoid over $130,000.00 in back wages demanded by the U.S. Labor Department.

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